Career Resources

Here I have tried to compile a list of great career resources - it is constantly being updated so please check back occasionally! Also feel free to suggest more resources!

(Please let me know if any of these links do not work).

Academic Positions:
- Getting on the short list: academic job applications [the Node]

Biotech Networks:
- Compilation by Bina [Pinterest page] (Thank you Bina, for your link!)

Biotechnology News:
- Fierce Biotech
- BioSpace (also has great career resources)
- Xconomy

Biotech & Pharma Listings:
- BioPharmGuy
- MassBio (Massachusetts Biotechnology Council - most companies and academic institutions are members so you can register and access all of their member resources and events for free!)

Career Events:
- Futures in Life Sciences series [Propel Careers]

Career Organizations (some of these may be location specific)
Association for Women in Science (AWIS)
           - Massachusetts Chapter (MASS-AWIS)
Women Entrepreneurs in Science and Technology (WEST)

Career Resources (General)
- ACE Method: Cold Emails and Hot Coffee Guidebook (pdf) [Designed by Albert Chen, University of Michigan] ("10 hrs in 1 month to get high yield career information and build your network from zero)
- Guide to Resumes and Curricula Vitae (pdf) [NIH Office of Intramural Training & Education]
- White Consulting (articles on transferable skills that PhDs have, how to write a resume and many other great articles)
BioSpace (hundreds of articles on every aspect of job hunting you can think of)
- SciPHD (some resources require a subscription/fee, however also hosts many free webinars on career paths).
- Individual Development Plan (IDP) [Science] (a tool that helps you identify what you enjoy and are good at and predicts career paths based on that information)
- Where to look for jobs in STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) [Columbia University].
- Science Careers [Science Magazine/AAAS]
- Nature Careers [Nature Magazine]
- The Versatile PhD (paid service, but many Institutions are members - an online community for non-academic careers for PhDs in a variety of areas, includes job listings, articles, meetups and a membership directory to facilitate networking)
- Reset Your Brain (an article on self-reflection and finding the right career path for you) [Nature Magazine, may be behind paywall] Christopher Taylor (2015) Nature., 522, 379-381

Company Reviews & Salary info:
- Glassdoor (you need to provide a review to have access to the database)

Elevator Pitch & Public Speaking/Communication
And But Therefore Method by Randy Olson [TedMed talk] How to put together an elevator pitch using the ABT method
Talk Nerdy to Me by Melissa Marshall [Ted Talk] How to communicate your science to a general audience

- How to write an email to a PI asking for a PhD position [Science Careers]

Interviews (Job):
- How to ace the the 50 most common interview questions [Business Insider]
- Your body language shapes who you are by Amy Cuddy [TedGlobal talk] - Great talk on "how faking it till you make it" really works and how the body can shape the mind and how to optimize your body language to ace a job interview!

Job Hunting Tools
Technological tools for PhD and postdocs on the job hunt [HigherEd]
- How to use your LinkedIn profile to power a career transition [Harvard Business Review]

Networking and Informational Interviews
From start to finish: a guide to informational interviewing [NatureJobs Blog]
Networking and Informational Interviewing (pdf) [Tufts University]

Regular Networking Events
Biotech Tuesday (Boston only)
- Venture Cafe (Boston MA & St. Louis MO only).

Resume Writing:
What your professional bio needs to get noticed [Harvard Business Review]
- Jobs in the USA: Academic CVs and Industry Resumes [NatureJobs Blog]
- List of Action Verbs [Harvard Law School]

Transferable Skills
- Discover the 20+ transferable skills that make PhDs totally employable [Jobs on Toast]

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